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Install headphones on Ubuntu 16.04

  • sudo apt-get install git-core
  • cd /opt
  • Sudo git clone
  • cd headphones
  • Sudo python
  • http://localhost:8181
  • Configure it to run as a service
    • sudo touch /etc/default/headphones
    • sudo adduser –system –no-create-home headphones
    • sudo chown headphones:nogroup -R /opt/headphones
    • sudo chmod +x /opt/headphones/init-scripts/init.ubuntu
    • sudo ln -s /opt/headphones/init-scripts/init.ubuntu /etc/init.d/headphones
    • sudo update-rc.d headphones defaults
    • sudo update-rc.d headphones enable
    • sudo service headphones status or start
  • Configure headphones to listen on remotely
    • Stop headphones
    • sudo nano /opt/headphones/config.ini
    • Modify localhost to be, there are two spots where this is set
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